Environmental Engineer


  • Process and hydraulic design of wastewater treatment plant
  • Hydraulic modeling and civil engineering design for sewage and storm drainage systems
  • Modelling and design of water networks
  • Project and design management
  • Design of water storage reservoirs and pumping stations
  • Environmental compliance and management systems audits
  • Environmental studies
  • Disaster and emergency response planning


“A Civil and Environmental Engineer with sixteen years experience, mainly in wastewater management and environmental studies gained in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Pakistan. He has undertaken a range of environmental engineering projects relating to effluent treatment plants for industrial and municipal wastewater. He has experience in designing both aerobic and anaerobic biological processes, specifically activated sludge; membrane bioreactor (MBR); Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) etc.
He has lead the design of complex water engineering projects involving large diameter transmission lines with micro-tunnelling, water distribution networks, pumping stations and large scale wastewater treatment plants.
He has also carried out water management studies requiring future projection of population, demand estimation and designing the networks to satisfy the future growth. Key projects include Improvement of Water Transmission Network in Muscat Governorate and Sur Water Distribution Network.

Selected Experience

Freelance, Western Australia, Australia (Nov 2013-Present)

Environmental Engineer

  • Water supply system design
  • Preparation of water balance for projects
  • Environmental Studies
  • Water security and disaster planning

WS Atkins, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Jul 2007-Jul 2013)

Senior engineer / Design Manager

  • Madinat Zayed Physical Framework Plan, UPC, Abu Dhabi UAE. Working Sr. Engineer responsible for assessing existing infrastructure and estimate improvement needed to service the future development requirement. (2013)
  • Secondary Infrastructure for Khalifa Port Industrial Zone (KPIZ), ADPC, UAE – Design Manger for Water and Wastewater Network design for KP7 and KP9 area of KPIZ. (2013)
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery of Water Network – Work Package 8 (Confidential), UAE – Worked on potable water network assessment to supply water to customers at reduced rate and ensuring supply to critical customer under emergency condition. (Year 2012)
  • Bid Manager – Drainage of Flood Water in Al Ain Region (M-54), UAE. Responsible for commercial and technical bid preparation for design and supervision of protection and flood control measures for 100 km long wadies within Al Ain region of UAE. (Year 2012)
  • General Engineering Consultancy for Doha West – Contract 2, Ashghal (PWA) Qatar: Working as Senior Engineer responsible for Drainage design of Doha West. Developed overall drainage strategy for the project area.
  • Qatar Education City – Construction Support Services, Doha Qatar: Lead water engineer providing support during construction phase of the project.
  • Integrated Water Masterplan for Madinah, KSA: Prepared technical and financial proposal for Integrated Water Masterplan for Madinah City.
  • Water Projects in Al Ain Region: AADC, UAE. Bid Manager responsible for commercial and technical bid preparation for supervision of 6 water projects with Al Ain region of UAE.
  • UAE Holistic Plan, MPW, UAE: Strategy for sewage collection and treatment system for remotely located settlements in northern emirates.
  • Kahranna Lagoon / Natural Wastewater Treatment for PWA (ASHGHAL), Qatar: Review of outline design for natural wastewater treatment system and preparation of tender documents based on DBO basis for Kahrana wastewater treatment.
  • RAZMIC Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu, KSA: design of the sanitary and Industrial wastewater treatment facility and the sludge treatment facility for a minerals-based industrial city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Review of wastewater collection system and water balance for the project.
  • Water & Wastewater Asset Survey – Confidential Client, GCC: QA and QC of technical data and the development of database architecture and QA/QC systems for an asset database covering above ground assets for one of the largest cities in the region.
  • Water Distribution Network Design for Sur City, Oman: The scope of services includes evaluation of current water network capacity and design network to meet future development requirement spanning over 10,000 Ha. Role Project manager and Lead water Engineer.
  • Improvement of Water Transmission Network in Muscat City, Oman: the scope of services included estimation of water demand over next 25 years based on expected population growth and improvement of existing pipe network, 40 km long, to primary distribution reservoirs. The scope of work also involves upgrade of existing pumping station at Ghubrah Desalination Plant (circa 400,000m3/day). Project manager and Lead water Engineer.
  • Qatar Education City, Doha Qatar: Design of Water network, performance specifications of brackish water reverse osmosis, division of surface water to RO plant and disposal of brine from RO plant.
  • Sewage Treatment Concession Tender Evaluation – Confidential Client, UAE: Acting as Client’s Technical Advisor, and conducting tender evaluation for industrial and domestic sewage treatment and effluent reuse systems in a DBOOT concession.
  • Masdar – MIST 1A / Project 1 Wastewater Collection System, Abu Dhabi, UAE: worked on detailed design / performance specification development for vacuum based wastewater collection system for MIST-1A / Project 1.
  • Sewage Treatment on Off-Shore Island Locations – Confidential Clients, UAE: Worked on concept design of wastewater treatment plant for luxurious development on the artificial Islands near Dubai. Plant capacity is 1,000 m3/day and is based on MBR Technology.
  • Durrat Al Bahrain – Mainland C Infrastructure Design [Bahrain]: Mainland C is part of Durrat Al Bahrian, circa 150 hectare seafront development with population of 45,000. Design Manager/ Lead Engineer.
  • Sewerage System Third Party Review, Confidential Client – Dubai: Conduct review of design and suggest corrective action to overcome the problem of overflows and pump burnout for few pump stations in the club area.
  • Design of Desalination Ancillaries for Durat Al Bahrain: design of seawater intake pumping station (80,000 m3/day), process wastewater pumping station (64,000 m3/day), force main from seawater pumping station to desalination plant and from process wastewater pumping station to marine outfall.
  • Environmental Impact Summary for Al Salam City, Umm Al Quwain: The project involved assessing local environmental impacts associated with the design, construction and operation of the project and providing recommendations for mitigating and minimising these impacts.
  • Environmental Audits of Cement Industry–Egypt (Confidential): Environmental Auditors for internal environmental audits of two cement plants in the Egypt.

NEC Consultant, Karachi, Pakistan (Mar 1998-Jul 2007)

Senior engineer / Project Manager

  • Sewage Treatment Plant concept design for tender, KCPC, Kuwait: Capacity of plant is 180,000m3/day with peak factor of 1.5. The project includes construction of Raw Sewage pumping station, Irrigation Pumping Station, 20 km Wastewater Transmission Line, wastewater treatment with tertiary units including Filtration, Chlorination and UV disinfection. Responsibilities include Project Management and concept design of plant for tender.
  • Combined Effluent Treatment Plant for Sundar Industrial Estate-Pakistan: Design review of the process and hydraulic design report -Capacity of plant is 150,000m3/day.
  • Organisational framework and management setup for Operational Phase of CETP – Pakistan: Contributed in formulation of organisational setup, formulation of private operator company, responsible for operation and maintenance of combined effluent treatment plant at Korangi. Also developed mechanism of monitoring and billing system for tanneries discharging to the treatment plant.
  • Combined Effluent Treatment Plant for Korangi Tanneries -Pakistan: Capacity of plant is 42,000m3/day. Treatment scheme is based on anaerobic treatment (UASB) with aerobic post treatment (Aerated Lagoon). Involved in preliminary process and hydraulic design of plant; functional detailing of treatment plant; design of dilution line; design conveyance system for tannery wastewater; preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tender submitted by contractors and preparation of plant operation and maintenance manual. Presented and defended the project progress and estimate to complete in front of third party reviewer appointed by one of the project financier.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant for Lays Chips Plant by PEPSICO – Pakistan: Plant treatment capacity is 600 m3/day with COD 11,000 mg/l (approx). The treatment scheme includes sedimentation, UASB with Activated Sludge as Post treatment unit. Responsibilities during the assignment include process and hydraulic design, functional detailing and preparation of tender documents.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant for Pakistan Refinery Limited: Commission effluent treatment plant on behalf of Client, having capacity of 35m3/hr installed by Vivendi.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant for Caltex Oil (Pakistan) Limited: Treatment Plant for domestic wastewater generated at storage terminal of Caltex Oil (Pakistan) Limited and oil separator for wastewater generated from various operations at terminal. Participated as project manager / lead engineer.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant for Kasim Textile Industries: [plant capacity 4,000 m3/day] Process design report and detailed engineering design of wastewater treatment plant under Cleaner Technology Program for Textile Industry.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant for Alkaram Textile: [plant capacity1,100 m3/day] Process design report and detailed engineering design of wastewater treatment plant under Cleaner Technology Program for Textile Industry.
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of Korangi Industrial Area: Responsibilities during the assignment include base line data generation for physical and environmental profile of the area, and preparation of management program for impact mitigation.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Rainee Canal Project. Responsibilities during the assignment include identification of environmental impacts and preparation of resettlement action plan.
  • Pilot Plant Study of UASB Reactor for Tannery Effluent: Capacity 20m3/day. The study was focussed on performance evaluation of UASB reactor for tannery wastewater before fullscale treatment plan can be designed.
  • Wastewater Management Study at Engro Chemicals [2006]: Conducted integrated wastewater management study for Engro Chemicals Pakistan Limited, Daharki. The scope of study includes wastewater minimization, maximizing recycle and reuse and solution to final effluent disposal.


NED University of Engg. & Tech, Katachi, Pakistan (Apr 1999-Dec 2001)

M. Engg (Environmental Engineering)

NED University of Engg. & Tech, Katachi, Pakistan (Aug 1993-Nov 1997)

B.E. (Civil Engineering)


BE (Civil), ME (Environment), PMP


Water Engineer





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