Water Capability

Aqueum’s water capability includes:

  1. process design, commissioning & optimisation (ultrapure, potable, industrial and domestic wastewater, desalination, disinfection, membrane and conventional treatment)
  2. network design & optimisation (network modelling, surge analysis)
  3. water quality consultancy (water source assessment, water treatment optimisation, disinfection & network optimisation)
  4. water retaining structures (service reservoirs, tanks, dams)
  5. computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  6. masterplanning & water balances
  7. feasibility studies, pilot plants & field studies
  8. instrumentation & data analysis
  9. technical advisory services
  10. expert witness, arbitration & dispute resolution
  11. operations & maintenance auditing and optimisation
  12. programme and project management

If you need help with anything else, please contact us.  If there is nobody within the current Aqueum network, we should still be able to find an independent consultant.